Workshops / Seminars / Panels

"Syndee Hendricks offers and delivers unique and very effective staff training. Her customized training methods, aligned with the mission and goals of our organization, have greatly contributed to the professional growth of our team. Her enthusiasm, focus and determination is very contagious! We really enjoyed our journey with her as we planned, designed and implemented effective training which has built capacity to better help those who we serve in our region."
~ Elizabeth Hudson, MS-MBA

"Syn's workshop was exceptional! I recently attended a large workshop for attorneys and their staffs. The facilitator was a national workshop presenter---I got so much more and walked away with more information, insights, and tools at Syn's workshop! She's fabulous!"
~ L. Monson

"I have known Syndee for many years and have been involved in multiple meetings she designed and lead. Syndee always handles whatever kind of situation that arises in a very professional but yet compassionate manner. In working with groups, she masterfully facilitates the meeting or workshop with everyone walking away with expectations far exceeded. If you are looking for a goal achievement in a group setting, she will absolutely amaze you with her ability to facilitate!"
~ J. A.

"Today is a blessing to be a part of a powerful seminar. I gained more tools to add to my tool box and it gave me more hope as a strong, independent woman that I am and want to be. I give Syndee....a ten today!"
~ M. A.

Syndee is amazing. She uses her intuitive skills to help others in her business and in her volunteer efforts. It makes life’s experiences so much easier to cope with when you employ the methods that Syndee can teach you.”
~ Ilah Turner

“You have no idea what a blessing you are in my life. I carry around your wisdom every day. For example, every time I start to feel that relationship anxiety creep up on me, I remind myself about what you said…I had a situation arise,…and I remembered…what a great lesson you taught me. Thank you for your wisdom! You are helping me heal my life.”
~ M. R.

“After struggling for years, after just two weeks, you make me feel on top of the world!!!!!! I feel amazing!!!!!”
~ S. P.