Business Consulting

“Syndee’s work is brilliant and impressive!”
~ President, multi-million dollar company

I continue to be amazed at how much I accomplish with Syndee! In working with her I have been able to improve my skills in operating my business and so much more. When I was putting my plans together to expand into a new venture, she helped me to fine tune the business plan and adopt a new phase to where I could open that business center a year sooner than I would have been able to. In seeking investors, her ideas and delivery of my presentation allowed me to beat out five other candidates which put enough capital ($10,000 additional) in my new venture to realize my dream in a few weeks”
~ Dr. Christina Major

“Syndee showed me areas where I had many opportunities to improve my practice and personal life. She has so much knowledge and insight with her extensive real-life executive experience with which qualifies her to be an amazing executive coach. Because of her friendship and coaching, she has helped me get out of my own way
~ Michael Coltharp

"You want fresh ideas to build your business? Don't know how to solve a managerial problem? Want to come up with new strategies? Syndee Hendricks is an incredible professional coach. She is straight-forward and direct, and most importantly 99.99% right. I only give the .1% fraction of error because she is after all human, but one great, caring, kind human. If you're serious about getting your business to grow and increase your profits, hire Syndee Hendricks."
~ M. Gamble

“After knowing Syndee for years, I have seen her help to move others forward in their business. I have experienced her laser coaching, and you should too! I love fast results, and when you work with Syndee, that is what you’ll get. She is great at helping others set goals and then work to achieve those goals. She gave me the idea to take my book and create a series, which I have! Imagine More Success: that is what you get when you work with Syndee!”
~ Holly Porter

“I wanted to work with Syndee when I first met her in the line at lunch (at an event where she was speaking). I didn’t know she was a coach/consultant; I wanted to work with her because of who she is as a person, and not what she presented. Her speech just let me know how we could work together. The message that I connected with was that we can do all the things we love. She set the example by her accomplishments.
~ T. Hydes

"After hiring two different people to prepare a business plan for my new business, Syn was the one that was able to do such a great job that it got my foot in the door of a huge client. She created the Service Delivery Plan that sealed the deal with that huge client and allowed my business to be a vendor for them. Every time I wrote a check for her services, I said, "You are so expensive...but you're so good!!" She's worth every penny and I'm thrilled that she is on my team and feel confident that she will support my business needs."
~ M. C. R.

"Syn has made it possible for me to travel away from my business and know that it will continue on as if I were there. I have hired several support people over the years but have never had my business not only run so smoothly, but also increase revenue at the same time! Even though my business is running so smoothly, she will continue on retainer!"
~ M. R.

“I like how Syndee doesn't judge you. She recognizes the trouble and works on coming to terms with it and working past it. I feel like I can talk about the worries I have with my business, the things that no one else understands unless you've been there. She really helps get the garbage out of the way so we can move forward and not dwell in the problems."
~ Dr. C. M.

"Syn is an honest, focused, hardworking, intelligent, and caring professional who uses her talents to translate into creating successful perform above and beyond their training and skills. Those who have the opportunity to work with her on any level or know her are in my opinion blessed."
~ C. P.

"Syndee is a capable and trustworthy person, has professional expertise and as a coach and business consultant will provide wisdom from her own experience and knowledge."
~ R. R., PhD

“Syndee’s intuitive coaching and business knowledge in developing and growing my business, guiding me with personal goals, and my self-renewal have been life changing for me as founder and CEO of 4Leaf Fairy Creations. She has such insightful vision, integrity, professionalism and is a woman and coach of honor. Though she is direct, she is also kind and compassionate in her intuitive and intelligent wisdom and guidance. She is so amazing in that with my insurmountable obstacles both personally and professionally, she forever changed my life. I now have my vision, my purpose and my dreams are coming true so I can live the life I imagined and have the courage to continue to build my future.”
~A. C.