Intuitive & Laser Coaching

“…I was struggling to get to my next level…I had a coaching session with Syndee …and became really clear on my action stepsI had my first MILLION DOLLAR sales month and biggest commission check ever…!”
~ Aisha Harley

"In a matter of three hours Syndee Hendricks does something that is impossible to describe. Dreams that I have had in my heart for decades from "I will know when I see it" or the category in the "What is my calling and my very best business realm?" took color, substance, shape, form, and voile' -- my brand is born--business name, logo, offerings, location, marketing ideas, and more! Bringing all this to life with Syndee was truly magical, mind blowing, and something to be experienced!"
~ Aleks Podlubny, PhD

“Syndee’s work is brilliant and impressive!”
~ President, multi-million dollar company

From a seven-year client on retainer: "As per usual, you are always right, and have an impeccable track record!"
~ M. R.

“Syndee is brilliant at operations especially with optimizing processes!”
~ Rick Cooper

"Syndee, you are the best professional coach. Your guidance is spot-on, even when I think something won't work, it always does. You are like the business guru who adds a beautiful touch of intuition to help me create success!"
~M. Gamble

"After working with Syndee in just two appointments, I was able to improve my leadership and managerial skills in my director position to the point of correcting a challenging relationship with a subordinate. She also helped me to organize the workload of my existing team in a manageable way and developed a system for interviewing new staff to make the best decisions in hiring staff. I'm very grateful as this has reduced my stress enormously and elevated my performance!"
~ Angela G.

"Syndee crossed my path at a challenging time in both my professional and personal life. She has been instrumental in providing me with the tools, foresight, and confidence to achieve my full potential. Her creative insight gives you a unique perspective in every situation be it to take your career to the next level or to balance your family life, she will have a solution that will amaze you. Syndee will continue to be my coach and mentor, and I truly value her opinions and insights."
~ Joanne S.

"The Laser coaching with Syndee is fantastic! The multiple divisions in my company are all organized, mapped out, and blind spots were addressed and now are included in my action plans. Worth every penny.'
~ Meredith Gordon Allen

“I am so overwhelmed with joy to be working with Syndee Hendricks! As a highly creative visionary with a passion to serve other people, I had way too many ideas rolling around in my head all at once. I couldn’t figure out what to focus on first, or how to create products and packages that flowed together more easily! Syndee not only helped me create a stronger and clear vision, but also she found hidden money in my business—all in record time! She’s the real deal.”
~ Tammeron Karaim

“For twenty years I have been trying to write and create the artwork for my children’s book called The Other Mermaid. My dream was to be able to donate a portion to a local children’s hospital and read my book to struggling children. I signed up for a coaching program, and my book was published in July of 2017 because Syndee Hendricks believed in me and helped me achieve my goal in a few short months! She gave me belief that I could do this. And, she also helped me see a larger goal for myself of finding more hospitals to share my book, and creating a series of “Other” children’s books, of which I have already begun! I wouldn’t even have tried without her. She brought my love to life. And so, Thank You. From the bottom of my being. Thank You. I have hope for my future. If you want to achieve goals, you have found the right person to help you do exactly that!”
~ Julia Sutton

“Syndee is amazing. She uses her intuitive skills to help others in her business and in her volunteer efforts. It makes life’s experiences so much easier to cope with when you employ the methods that Syndee can teach you.”
~ Ilah Turner

“Syn was so zeroed into me - that it was almost eerie. She knew things about me (family, work, life, marriage, my grief, etc.) that very few people know about my life and the struggles our family has been going through. Syn offered me ideas, support, validation and suggested things I might want to try. One of which is her Insightful Coaching. I never thought I would have a life coach - but I do now and she is amazing - so positive.”
~ Diane Richey

“After seeing two therapists over 20 years, working with many other people in healing and health care Modalities over the past few years, I could not believe the incredible breakthrough I had in such a short time with Syn’s Intuitive Coaching! The changes in my thinking about my life are allowing me to move forward in areas I have been stuck for decades."
~ C. D., NP

"Syn helped me turn around a career and life meltdown after my divorce. She has facilitated a new approach to life...She became a dear friend, a trusted confidant, and a role model. Most importantly, I felt as if I can manage life's challenges again."
~ A. B. P., PE

"I was ready to go to a therapist, I was so beside myself. Just had a short time with Syn, and I couldn't believe how she put things into perspective!" I have a unique background working with famous people and am not accustomed to not being able to solve my own issues. I'm so glad I contacted Syn!"
~ C. L., decade-long client

“Syn is the kind of person that sees what is needed and makes it happen in an effective, but positive way. The problems with my business and life seemed insurmountable, but Syn was able to motivate and guide me to overcome these obstacles. Thanks to Syn, I am now in a position that seemed once, unattainable.”
~ P. L.

"Syndee is detail oriented, reliable, and consistent. Multi-talented and with a proven track record, she can help you reach your highest potential."
~ Nancy Bradley

"Syndee is guaranteed to amaze you. She has very informative and helpful classes. Syndee has helped me develop my business into a reality in a very short time. If you are looking for a coach or business consultant, look no further. She will help your ideas become a reality.”
~ T. H.

"I met Syndee several years ago when I was first beginning to network. I was a wreck; she has been a support and encouragement to myself, and if she is counseling now: Wow! She is a wealth of knowledge and will without doubt steer you in the way of success!"
~ R. K.

"When I met Syn, my entire life was challenging to say the least. Within days I had found my new path, and with just one appointment everything shifted and began to heal and balance. You can feel her positive and enlightening energy the moment she walks through the door."
~ M. B.

"Syndee has been inspirational in my life! She has given me the tools to succeed and have confidence in myself. I have attended several seminars on motivation and Syndee's is far above any of them!"
~ L. Monson

“Syndee is an excellent speaker and meeting facilitator. She has an amazing ability to connect with each member of her audience. This strength builds on her powerful coaching skills. She creates a trusting, compassionate, and motivating relationship with her clients. She brings years of experience as a business owner, coach, meeting facilitator, and speaker to the table. I highly recommend Syndee. Five star - high five!"
~ Marty Taub, RN, MSN, CPN