Intuitive & Laser Coaching

"I was struggling to get to my next level. I had a coaching session with Syndee and became really clear on my action steps. I had my first MILLION DOLLAR sales month and biggest commission check ever!"
~ Aisha Harley

"In a matter of three hours, Syndee does something that is impossible to describe. Dreams that I have had in my heart for decades took color, substance, shape, and form. Viola! My brand is born - business name, logo, offerings, location, marketing ideas, and more! Bringing all this to life with Syn was truly magical, mind-blowing, and something to be experienced!"
~ Aleks Podlubny, PhD

"As per usual, you are always right, and have an impeccable track record!"
~ M. R.

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Business Consulting

"Syndee's work is brilliant and impressive!"
~ President, multi-million dollar business

"I continue to be amazed at how much I accomplish with Syndee! In working with her, I have been able to improve my skills in operating my business and so much more. When I was putting my plans together to expand into a new venture, she helped me to fine tune the business plan and adopt a new phase to where I could open that business center a year sooner than I would have been able to. In seeking investors, her ideas and delivery of my presentation allowed me to beat out five other candidates which put enough capital ($10K additional) in my new venture to realize my dream in a few weeks."
~ Dr Christina Major

"Syndee showed me areas where I had many opportunities to improve my practice and personal life. She has so much knowledge and insight with her extensive, real-life executive experience, with which qualifies her to be an amazing executive coach. Because of her friendship and coaching, she has helped me get out of my own way."
~ Michael Coltharp

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Find Hidden Money Courses

"Working with Syndee Hendricks' and her amazing Find Hidden Money course materials has me SO thriving, productive, and my business is electrified. I recently signed a client with 40 homes in my real estate business! I'm so excited "
~ President, multi-million dollar business

"The Goal For It Series Master Course is filled with remarkable content that includes actionable templates, exercises, and ideas that are all relevant. I was walked through defining goals, writing mission statements, and an amazing formula to success. Syndee brings years of experience and understanding of business, life, and goal setting / execution for achievement to a whole new level! After taking the course and having my coaching session, a new business was born!"
~ Meredith Allen Gordon, MA

Workshops & Seminars

"Syndee Hendricks offers and delivers unique and very effective staff training. Her customized training methods, aligned with the mission and goals of our organization, have greatly contributed to the professional growth of our team. Her enthusiasm, focus, and determination is very contagious! We really enjoyed our journey with her as we planned, designed, and implemented effective training which has built capacity to better help those who we serve in our region."
~ Elizabeth Hudson

"Syn's workshop was exceptional! I recently attended a large workshop for attorneys and their staff. The facilitator was a national workshop presenter - I got so much more and walked away with more information, insights, and tools at Syn's workshop! She's fabulous!"
~ L Monson

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Premier Coaching

"For 20 years, I have been trying to write and create the artwork for my children's book. My dream was to be able to donate a portion to a local children's hospital and read my book to struggling children. I signed up for a coaching program, and my book was published because Syndee believed in me and helped me achieve my goal in a few short months! She gave me belief that I could do this. She also helped me see a larger goal for myself of finding more hospitals to share my book and creating a series, of which I have already begun! I wouldn't have even tried without her. She brought my love to life. Thank you from the bottom of my being. I have hope for my future. If you want to achieve goals, you have found the right person to help you do exactly that!"
~ Julia Sutton

"Syndee took my two business ideas and expanded them to create a multiple layer business structure with several facets. Her visionary skills were amazing, and now I can move forward! More importantly, she unlocked so many other answers I never knew I already had!"
~ B Baker Slate, MA

"Syndee has been an integral part our Sacramento area eWomenNetwork chapter, giving of her time, expertise while connecting and bringing many other women into the group. She also travels around the US (and Canada) speaking at other eWomenNetwork chapters to build community, connect with other women and give back. Syndee tirelessly gives of herself to this organization and always promotes it and membership wherever she goes. She is definitely a Business Matchmaker extraordinaire!”
~ Katrina Sawa

“Words cannot express how much I LOVE working with Syndee Hendricks as an intuitive coach! From the moment we met I had a feeling there was something special about her. I credit the success of my first project for authors to her as she helped me create the plan and then execute it. Most importantly she encouraged me and made me feel like I could accomplish my goals, instead of feeling heavy with anxiety like I have with some coaches, every session was lighthearted and felt like a breeze. She truly puts the intuition into the title 'intuitive coach' and helps you feel like you can soar!"
~ C Davis

Radio Show Host

“Syndee and Thomas are fabulous hosts! Always a pleasure to join them…”
~ Sharon Lynn Wyeth

"Syndee and Thomas are skilled hosts that naturally bring out the best in you. The conversation flows easily and they make it simple and fun to express your message naturally. If you want to be a part of a great radio show and team, these are your hosts!”
~ Dr Gary Salyer

Intuitive Appointments

"Syn is one of the best Business Intuitive readers out there; she not only is a gifted Intuitive, but she also has a phenomenal coaching and business background to give that knowledge and support as well!"
~ C. T. 

"Syn is "spot on" and I highly recommend her!"
~ M. W.

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“Syndee is an excellent speaker and meeting facilitator. She has an amazing ability to connect with each member of her audience. This strength builds on her powerful coaching skills. She creates a trusting, compassionate and motivating relationship with her clients. She brings years of experience as a business owner, coach, meeting facilitator and speaker to the table. I highly recommend Syndee. Five star high five.”
~ Marty Taub


"Syn has changed my life in how I look at events and people. She has helped me to be more confident and a better decision maker, and risk taker. Thank you so very much for the fabulous retreat and your ongoing coaching."
~ R. M.

“I attended Syn's retreat in September 2014. I really had a wonderful time. The location (Soda Springs) was just beautiful with the trees, stream and fresh air. The snacks and meals she provided were just YUMMY. (Most of which she prepared herself). At my reading Syn was so zeroed in to me - that It was almost eerie. She knew things about me (family, work, life, marriage, my grief, etc.) that very few people know about my life and the struggles our family has been going through. Syn offered me ideas, support, validation and suggested things I might want to try. One of which is her Insightful Coaching. I never thought I would have a life coach - but I do now and she is amazing - so positive. Other benefits at the Retreat were the tranquility of the location and all of the pampering. While there I had a massage, facial, etc. I learned about crystals and made some great environmentally friendly cleaning products. I had my first coaching meeting with Syn that weekend and just relaxed. There were redwoods, a stream, huge granite rocks, decks and much more to enjoy. The cabin was somewhat rustic with a great fireplace. It was so much fun. I slept upstairs in a great little bedroom with a vaulted wood ceiling - I left the window open and really enjoyed the crisp night air. So, if you are considering attending a retreat - try this.”
~ Diane Richey

"Thoroughly enjoyed Syn's weekend retreat--it was perfect, with everything I needed to recharge!"