The 40/40 Rules: Wisdom from 40 Women over 40 (The Rules Book Book 1)

The 40/40 Rules presents forty women over forty who share their life and business experience with you-the reader-so you may learn and grow from the “been there, done that” escapades. Inside this book, you will experience the mistakes, failures, and triumphs of each author, in hopes that you avoid the negative outcomes and experience your own triumphs. Holly has been an Entrepreneur for over 35 years, and has lead others in many business adventures. Today, Holly uses her gift of connecting people, collaborating, and empowering others through her Coaching and Consulting business: The Image Designers, LLC. Furthermore, Holly states: “Life is all about the services you provide and how you help others to fulfill their dreams.” Lastly, she is a firm advocate for living what you teach. This book is impacting and changing lives through answering the lingering questions of women from around the globe. Now is the time for women to step up and empower each other through sharing their own stories and teaching their wisdom. The authors of this book want you to know that the world needs you-you are our present and our future. Your energy and excitement for life is needed throughout the world. Don’t wait until it is too late, to find your answers inside this book in order to live the life you truly desire. Each author of this book was hand-selected because of their wisdom they have to offer you. They have started from scratch, been knocked down, bruised up, and have managed to find their way to success. So, now that you are ready to advance in your personal and business life, through inspiration and empowerment, it is time to lick your finger and begin turning the pages of: The 40/40 Rules: Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40.

Chapter 2 written by Syndee Hendricks.



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