Insights From an Intuitive

For many years I have been helping staff, clients, and friends by offering solutions to support a healthier and happier outcome of their work, their life, their journey, or all three. Some have embraced the solutions and ideas, and some have chosen not to embrace them. Often, some people, are content to stay in their whirlwind of conflict, and they have the freedom to do that. What I can offer those who read the pages ahead are some of the insights and wisdom that I have offered over this span of time. There is an interesting story to share about my “why” for becoming an intuitive coach, business consultant, and author. While writing the copy of my first book and workbook, I was asked what was my “why” for doing the work I do. I was stopped in my tracks. After thinking about it for awhile, I asked someone with whom I mentored for years and who has watched me work with others. My mentee said that she has incredible joy in watching me take extreme pleasure from helping others move forward personally or professionally in their lives. My mentee reminded me of a woman whom I coached achieve a milestone goal, I was more ecstatic than the woman I had been coaching! It has truly been my calling. The pages ahead are my contribution of words and concepts to ponder a healthy thought process, and perhaps support to your journey. I am hopeful that one of the pages will create a spark in you to catapult you forward toward your dreams.



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