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Are you struggling to stay motivated to achieve your goals, or seeking ways to keep your motivation at a high level? Do you enjoy getting ideas from others on how they achieved their goals? Are you looking for inspiration, or a great read to pump you up? Then look no further! Goal For It: 30 Paths to Imagine More Success, offers answers to all of those questions from multiple authors who are inspirational and extraordinary!

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5 reviews for Goal For It Book

  1. Cindy Brogdon

    This book gives direct, easy-to-follow instructions on setting goals for beginners, and everyone else! It teaches how to manifest our greatest desires. The methods are succinct, and clear, making overwhelming concepts do-able. These nuggets of gold are priceless as you follow them to success. This book taught me to “live in integrity” as I started my first business, and that simple advice has become an unexpected anchor in my life ever since. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and many talents with us!
    Cindy Brogdon
    Columbus, Ohio
    Calgary, Alberta Canada

  2. Laurel D. Speier

    Great ideas and success stories from all ages and backgrounds. An easy read for everyone.

  3. Karen Sands

    Audacious goal setting has been around for some time. What makes Goal For It — goal setting quick-read stand apart and above is Syndee’s use of storytelling by motivated high achievers like you and me. Within each shared story the reader is gifted with multiple ideas to achieve their own goals.

  4. Carrie

    Goal For It is a quick and easy read for anyone. It includes success stories from various backgrounds. Great motivational stories in settling your own goals.
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  5. Terry V. Broadbent

    Excellent book. Love all the content and info.

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