Goal For It- Master Series

Are you a visionary business leader, professional, or entrepreneur who wants to make more and work less? Are you ready to create a bigger vision, and monetize it all while growing the efficiency and productivity in your position or in your business?

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Imagine More Success has done that for hundreds of successful companies and business owners, and can do it for you! Businesses have been moved from masterminds to millions with Imagine More Success.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business, or a Fortune 500 company, Imagine More Success can give you the tools either online or in a workshop to get you where you want to be.


Are YOU ready to Increase YOUR bank account now with our find hidden money master series?

Its Simple to do!
Find Hidden Money is a series of specialized courses where you can discover how to make more money by working smarter and in new ways. Money is hidden in nearly every part of your business, life, and how you do things. You can find YOUR hidden money in
  • Your existing skills which can be advanced to monetize them
  • Unrealized money producing products, services, or packages of services
  • Discovering roadblocks to what keeps YOUR money hidden!
Over 4 hours of audio and visual instruction along with Two e-books by Syndee Hendricks titled:
  • Goal For It, 30 Path to Imagine More Success
  • Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way
A Comprehensive printable Workbook with Documents and Templates 3 Quizzes for self-assessment
  • Excellence Survey
  • Positivity Quiz
  • Self-Esteem Quiz
Nine of our Original Audio Meditations for specific results and Bonus Material.
When you have the thought provoking information provided in our courses you can increase your bottom line in your business and life through
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Additional products
  • Additional services
  • Advanced ways of achieving operational excellence
  • Personal and professional support
  • Managing your team
  • Higher level of self-management
  • Freeing yourself of personal obstacles
  • Incorporating new thought processes
  • And even discovering blind spots
Would you be thrilled to get a step-by-step proven FORMULA that gives you a complete PROCESS that includes affordable courses, FORMULAS, comprehensive WORKBOOKS, templates, & worksheetsto achieve your dreams and your goals?
If you answered, YES! Read on! Once you take advantage of our special offer you will understand the secrets to goal achievement AND how to overcome the obstacles of goal achievement!
  • The secret and proven strategies to finding YOUR hidden money is in the details of what you have and have not been doing or seeing.
  • Every course is designed to give ideas, tools, and thought processes on many different levels to support your goal achievement process.
  • You also receive with each course, a workbook, which is actually a success guide that will be your treasure map that directs you to find that hidden money.
  • Everything in our courses are proven formulas and strategies that Syndee and Thomas have used in their practices that have resulted in incredible results.
  • You can see dozens of testimonials about how they have guided so many to realize their dreams from starting their business to having their first million dollar sales month.
You want to make money, you say? Well, let’s get you through these courses so that you can learn the many secrets of those who have done exactly that!
Here’s what you get for $297: The First 3 Courses of the Master Series (contains 3 courses- 9 modules / videos, workbooks, downloads, and gifts!)

    Goal Setting, Goal Formula, Roadblocks Categories, etc.


    Emotional Baggage, Senses, Feeling, Thinking


    Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence


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