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Are you a visionary business leader professional who wants to make more and work less? Are you ready to create a bigger vision, monetize it all while growing the efficiency and productivity in your position or in your business? Imagine More Success has done this for hundreds of successful companies and business owners, and she can do it for you! Businesses have been moved from masterminds to millions with Imagine More Success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business, or a Fortune 500 company, Imagine More Success can give you the tools to get you where you want to be.


Imagine More Success

Best-selling authors Syndee Hendricks & Thomas Hydes are real world corporate trainers with both live and self-online studies.  Syndee is a certified business consultant, intuitive coach, speaker, and twelve-time author. Thomas is a certified world-class speaker and coach, voice trainer, classically trained opera singer, and three-time author.

” The in dept learning I received from each & every course gave my business a golden jump of growth. I highly recommend IMS with Thomas & Syndee”

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