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Syndee and Thomas

Best-selling authors Syndee Hendricks and Thomas Hydes are corporate real world trainers, online trainers, and podcast hosts. Syndee is a certified business consultant, intuitive coach, speaker, and twelve-time author. Thomas is a certified world-class speaker and coach, voice trainer, classically trained opera singer, and three-time author.

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Syndee Hendricks

Syndee Hendricks, CEO of Imagine More Success, LLC, led multi-million dollar divisions of the nations’ top retailers to record-breaking performance and revenues, winning awards year after year. In record time, Syndee provides invaluable insight, inspiration, and action plans that catapult her clients from struggling to thriving in her international coaching/consulting practice. She finds hidden money. While managing her businesses, she has parlayed her knowledge and expertise to help her husband with Alzheimer’s disease, and has shared their success of how she kept him coherent for over a decade in her upcoming book and workbook!

An award winning presenter, multiple author, corporate trainer, and philanthropist, Syndee was selected as A Premier Success Coach for eWomenNetwork 2015 – 2018. She is co-hosting her syndicated international radio podcast, Her 2019 projects include publishing books thirteen and fourteen, and introducing Imagine More Success’ Find Hidden Money, Goal For It Series of Goal Achievement Training Courses available online and in workshops.

Thomas Hydes 

Thomas is the President of Imagine More Success, an online learning center. He finds hidden money and shows how at Imagine More Success, Finding Hidden Money online series of courses. At he is co-hosting a syndicated international weekly radio podcast broadcasted on iHeart Radio, Blog Talk Radio/Spreaker and many others.

Thomas Hydes specializes in coaching speakers to create the “Best You” by energizing, focusing, and expanding the possibilities of both the message and more importantly the messenger. He excels at helping speakers to connect with audiences in ways that are authentic, engaging and memorable. Thomas has created a systemized approach to help speakers overcome their fears around public speaking.  He is fortunate to have studied public speaking under Marshall Thurber, Craig Valentine, and Mitch Meyerson. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and his Master’s degree from Boston University both in opera performance.

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